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Fine Art Photographer Rochelle Berman grew up in NYC and currently

lives in Miami, Florida.


She spent her youth studying the arts. She loved to draw, paint and write poetry. It was in college that she discovered her greatest passion was for creative photography.


Classically trained,Rochelle started her studies with black and white film photography. She practiced using creative techniques as double exposures, solarization, photo montage and other darkroom techniques.


Well travelled, Rochelle captures in her work the immense beauty of our world. Rochelle especially enjoys nature studies and architecture inspired imagery and creative portraiture.


Totally in love with color and pattern, Rochelle's artworks are electrically vibrant, simple and direct in composition and emotionally rich. 

Rochelle has exhibited her work locally and nationally and is a member of the (NLAPW) National League of American Pen of the oldest professional organizations in the arts.

Rochelle Berman

 Artist Statement

As a Fine Art photographer, I love challenging experimentation into new avenues of visual expression. Digital photography is the process or medium I use to create my artwork .


 We live in a somewhat chaotic, fast moving society where hustle , disease and an over abundance of technology prevails.

 I invite my viewers to slow down, contemplate, relax and be inspired. 


My inspiration comes from extensive world travel and extended periods in natural environments especially the ocean, beach and mountains. With camera in hand , I venture out to capture my subjects , carefully attending to proper exposure, lighting , color and composition.  


Having a somewhat mystical view of the world , I approach my subjects in order to see them in the best possible light , both in actuality and metaphorically speaking.  


I utilize my personal technology tools of camera and computer to create a more humanized space for my viewers to decelerate. Even if just for a moment,  to find a bit of tranquility and view a brighter side of life. When I return to review my images on the computer, a transformation may begin. I happily spend hours and days with my imagery until the final metamorphosis is complete.  


 I perform this digital alchemy in order to better align my images with the actual vision and emotion I feel at the time of capture along with my current perceptions of the subject. Formally , I used chemical darkroom techniques as a film photographer. Now I use the digital dark room of software technology, creating the multiple special effects of digital photo painting, photo collage and mixed media. 


The world that I see has a synchronicity and an interconnectedness of ideas with the people and places that I photograph. I hope to evoke a magical dream like intensity utilizing light, color, form and textures that will transcend the purely material representation.  

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